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Utilizing Enemy Laser Protection Systems to Electrical power Up Graphene Coated Spy Surveillance UAVs

For the people that examine Judo, you may perhaps a great deal enjoy the commentary in the following paragraphs. Also, I might like you to take into account that Sun Tzu was a large believer in allowing for the enemy to defeat himself, to aid these kinds of action, and use their own individual ability versus them. In some cultures they believe that to produce some thing weak you will need to initial allow it to be solid, and it’s that toughness the moment divided that will tear alone aside. Let’s say we tale all these philosophical realities of warfare and developed an unmanned aerial surveillance car or truck which could just take gain from the enemy’s protection units? Let me clarify my new principle.

There was an interesting report in the Economist within the May possibly 12, 2012 version titled “Graphene Displays Its Colours – A much-vaunted new product may possibly adjust telecommunication,” which was highlighted below a subheading of “Optoelectronics” which happens to be a an remarkable region of science, specifically currently as researchers get further into nano-technology and nano manufacturing on the molecular level. The write-up said;

“Graphene is worse than silicon for absorbing light, only 2.7% from the photons falling onto it are absorbed, but researchers have managed to boost this by spraying direct sulfide crystals on to the experience on the substance resulting inside of a 50% enhance.”

Effectively certainly this has applications for computing, communication, photo voltaic energy, and countless other issues, and nicely, this gave me a fascinating notion. Why don’t you put a graphene wrap on our UAVs to safeguard them from laser assaults, a graphene, carbon nano-tech composite for illustration, absorbing the laser beam then employing it for electric power, in essence applying the enemies defense method to electricity up our surveillance high end spy equipment UAVs?

If all those nano crystals ended up clustered at certain factors within the skin with the plane they might enable every one of the electrical power with the laser to generally be harnessed into centralize factors which could all feed into a battery device by way of a web of connectors. The most successful long run batteries might be web-like within. The main reason for this is you are able to charge them really fast, and so they can keep the charge for extended taking up considerably more electricity. There may be some ways to style and design these batteries these as making use of foam like configurations and structures.

If an unmanned aerial motor vehicle was strike by an enemy’s laser protection program, it could fast cost the batteries, as well as the propulsion process could use that to visit an unbelievable greatest sum of ability, while retaining what it did not use. This could make it practically unstoppable, and improve the range and period from the flight. The more they shot their laser at it, the longer it may fly about without refueling. I feel we should always make this happen just for the hell of it, to point out other nations that we’re undeterred inside our armed service surveillance prowess. Make sure you contemplate all this and imagine on it.